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Good Weather, Return Of Picnic Boost Old Settlers 2014

Posted 8/14/2014

By Frederick Bader

HALSTEAD ­– Just as quickly as it began, another Old Settlers is now in the back window for Halstead residents.

This year’s Old Settlers had a number of firsts, including the barbecue competition and a full rodeo. The picnic also returned after not having been featured for several years.

“I feel great about this year’s Old Settlers,” committee member Shelly Watkins said. “It went fairly smoothly and the energy of the whole weekend was exactly what we were looking for.”

The weather mostly cooperated this weekend, though the ball games and barrel racing were cancelled due to rain. Temperatures maxed out at 89 degrees on Friday and Saturday, so the heat was not too uncomfortable, although Saturday night’s rain led to an 88 percent humidity reading on Sunday morning. 

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Old Settlers 2014 Results

Posted 8/14/2014

Boggy Creek BBQ Wins Cookoff

The winner of the Old Settlers barbecue cookoff, the first such event, was Boggy Creek BBQ.

Members of the winning team are Jeff Keys of Wichita, Brad Keys of Wichita, Dennis Travis of Halstead, and Brent Mattke of Halstead.

Jeff Keys was not able to be at the event the day of the competition.

First Mennonite Wins Great Race

The 27th running of the Great Race at Old Settlers was completed Friday with First Mennonite Church taking top honors.

Twenty-seven years ago the race started on a much grander scale: two horses, five runners, a longer canoe leg, much longer tube leg (from Halstead Road to the ballpark area) etc. Over the years,  event organizers have changed the event. They dropped horses after one was injured and had to be  put down. Scaling back the size of the route had yielded a good, fun race. Adding the anvil shoot meant that the start of the race could be heard at the hand-off sites.

This year there were seven teams in the race. After a short delay (caused by the anvil shoot team not wanting to send the anvil up in the same spot as their stalled car) everything was a go.

The teams and times as they crossed the finish line: The Firt Mennonite Church (28:52); Halstead High School Staff (32:32); St. Mary’s CYM “Hail Mary” (32:40); Black Kettle Retrievers / Crossfit Old 81 (34:14); K15S My Class (2015 Graduating Seniors) (35:54); Set On Kill (36:43); Nightingales (38:13).

USD 440 won the event in 2013.

Horseshoe Competition

Twenty-eight teams participated in the Horseshoe Tournament. First place was the team of Tim Douglas, Halstead, and Gilbert “Pretty Boy” Davis of Wichita.

In second place was the team was Damion Hancock and Pat King of Hutchinson.

Third place went to Frank Viegra of Hutchison and Kathy Taylor of Wichita.

Fourth place went to Regis Yager of Nickerson and Richard Zink of Arlington.

Lego Contest

The Sixth Annual Lego Contest was held on Thursday, Aug. 7 at the Halstead Public Library.

Eighteen children spent one hour building with their Legos. The creations were then judged on use of color, design, creativity, and construction.

The winners were: Ages 6-9, first place: Joey Millspaugh; second place: Gus Romine; and third place, Ryan Jahnke. In the ages 10-12 category winners were first place: J.W. Romine and second place Evan Glanville.

The category ages 13 and up first place went to Ethan Harvey. The grand prize winner was Dominique Schutte. Lego books and boxed Lego set were given as prizes.


First place: Brent See and Kirk Bridges

Second place: Mark Waite and Ryan Domm

Third place: Ethan Rodenberg and Jesse Mueller

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Burrton Mennonite Church Closing This Year

Posted 8/14/2014

By Frederick Bader


BURRTON – One of Burrton’s landmarks will be closing its doors this year. Burrton Mennonite Church, built in 1957 and home of Burrton’s Mennonite community, will close this winter.

Loss of membership and difficulty filling leadership roles were the two major factors in deciding to close down the church, according to congregation chairperson Ron Dick. “We’ve lost quite a few members in the last few years and the pastor is retiring at the end of the year,” Dick said. “It was a combination of those things, and not seeing any growth in the last several years.”

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Jelly Lady Products Now At State Capitol

Posted 8/14/2014

By Pilar Martin

SEDGWICK – The Jelly Lady is still going strong. Judy Gutzmer started out making jelly at home.

Her father was a woodcrafter and talked her into coming with him to craft shows. That is where she first started selling her jelly in gift baskets under the name Kansas Krafts by J.

“People would look for me at the shows and say, ‘there’s the Jelly Lady,’ and the name stuck,” Gutzmer said. Her mother told her, “you can’t make jelly for everyone.” But now she does.

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