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Sedgwick Couple Plants In January For April Tomatoes

Posted 1/22/2015

By Pilar Martin

SEDGWICK – When Jan. 1 rolled around, most people thought of New Year’s resolutions. But Spencer Ring was thinking of tomatoes.

When each new year begins, Ring starts seeding tomatoes. That’s right. He started seeds for over 500 tomato plants on Jan. 2. It’s an annual tradition he began 23 years ago. 

When Ring and his wife, Trish, bought their place just south of Sedgwick on Ridge Road in 1970, they were avid gardeners. They started raising plants to sell to area gardeners. They then decided to just grow the fruit themselves. They grow the tomatoes using hydroponics or without soil. This year they are growing Big Dena, Trust, and Dasher varieties.

The seedlings started at the first of the month developed true leaves and were transplanted to four-inch pots last Thursday. The transplants will remain in the small greenhouse for about a month. By then, with regular water, fertilizer and controlled temperatures, the plants should be 12 inches tall. Ring also helps pollinate the plants to produce fruit. He has to pollinate every other day.

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Incentive Program Worked In 2014, Returning With Minor Tweaks

Posted 1/22/2015

By Frederick Bader

HALSTEAD – After a year of planning, organizing and other hard work, the Discover Halstead incentive program is finally beginning to look like a long-term feature for the city.

The program officially launched in April 2014, though the program had been in the planning stages since much earlier. The program rewarded people who fell into three categories – new student, new resident or new employee in Halstead – with Chamber Bucks, which can be used like cash at any Halstead Chamber of Commerce member. Those who met one requirement received $50, while those with two received $400 and those who met all three garnered $1,500.

In 2014, 101 applications were approved for the incentive program, with a total payout of $16,650. Additionally, 61 people opened utility accounts with the city and were given $25 each in “teaser bucks,” for a total of $1,525 total teaser bucks allocated. The majority of applicants met only one of the three requirements.

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Burrton Assesses Needs Ahead Of "Rebuilding Year"

Posted 1/22/2015

By Glenn Koster


BURRTON – The Burrton City Council meeting Monday night was predominantly a planning session for 2015 and 2016, but more than anything it proved to be an eye opener on the city’s needs.

Police Chief David Becker provided an update on department activities, noting there were only 50 traffic stops but 58 tickets issued in December.  There were only three property crimes, which was down considerably from 2013.

Becker asked the Council for a pay increase for one of Burrton's part-time officers.  After a brief executive session, closed to the public, to discuss non-elected personnel, the Council approved an increase of $1.02 per hour, bringing the officer in line with others who have a similar tenure with Burrton.

Becker asked City Attorney Brad Jantz whether an ordinance was needed to raise court costs to $90, plus $10 per ticket increase.  Jantz assured him that it was and promised to present it at a future session.  Even with the increase Burrton still will be lower than most areas in the county.

City Clerk Kim Ryan restated the need for a new printer in the City offices, floating an idea that the City lease a new multi-function printer for $89 per month instead of purchasing a new one.  The Council quickly concurred and unanimously approved obtaining a leased printer.

Ryan also asked the Council whether it would be possible to replace the floor in the city office.  She offered an estimated cost of $750 to $1000 if city crews did the installation. Councilman Rodney Redinger suggested checking the cost of also doing the entry way.  The Council delayed any action until further costs could be determined.

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Bentley Fire Department Seeking Patch Design

Posted 1/22/2015

The Independent Staff

BENTLEY – The Bentley Fire Department is holding a Patch Design Contest. The department currently does not have an official patch and wants your help in designing a new one.

If your design wins, you will be awarded a plaque with the first patch and a Bentley Fire Department t-shirt.

Anyone living in the City of Bentley, Bentley Fire District of Eagle Township and all current residents at USD 440 Bentley and Halstead, can submit their design and enter the contest.

There are several guidelines for the design. The design must include the words Bentley

Fire and Kansas.  A Maltese-cross style patch is preferred but not required. And the patch can be no larger than 4.5 inches tall.

The deadline to submit your design is March 1. The top three runner-up contestants will receive a Bentley Fire Department t-shirt. If your patch is not chosen as the winner, it may still be used for future Bentley Fire Department t-shirts.

You can submit your design to Bentley City Hall, 150 S. Wichita, Bentley, Kansas, 67016, or at the Bentley Fire Department’s Facebook page.

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