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Things That Go Along With Turning Back The Clock

Posted 10/31/2014

By Pilar Martin

Daylight Savings time arrives this weekend.  The days have grown shorter and the sun has been setting earlier every day.

On Sunday, November 2, we get to “fall back” as the saying goes and set our clocks back one hour. It also means that on Sunday, the day will be one hour longer. When changing your clocks, it recommended that you also change the batteries in smoke alarms. And there are other chores you should do around your home to get ready for fall.

It is a good time to vacuum and turn your  mattresses. Ceiling fans should be cleaned and reversed to help with air circulation. Be sure to clean or wash inside blinds and curtains to remove dust build up, since your house will start being closed due to cooler weather. You can also take the time to swap out clothing, storing summer clothes and airing out those sweaters.

It may seem silly, but you can also inventory your winter clothing and accessories. Clip together gloves and mittens, and check to make sure you have hats for everyone. This will save some time when a bitter cold front moves through and these items are needed when you head out the door.

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Halstead Police Involved In High-Speed Chase

Posted 10/31/2014

By Frederick Bader

HALSTEAD – It started with a bad check and ended with a high-speed, cross-county chase. All in a day’s work for Halstead police.

On Monday, Oct. 27, around 1:30 p.m., Sarah Mercuri, 35, attempted to pass a forged check at the Halstead Bank drive-in on Main, say police. The bank teller recognized that Mercuri was using a stolen ID, which was known to have been taken from a former Halstead resident during a car burglary in Wichita, police say. The check was stolen from a different person.

When confronted, Mercuri fled in her vehicle, a white Chevy Equinox, which was a rental car. Halstead police and Kansas Highway Patrol officers gave chase, with one highway patrol car spotted zooming down Main Street at almost 80 miles per hour, said Lewis.

Halstead residents reported Mercuri’s vehicle flying into the air and landing as she drove out of town at a high rate of speed. The pursuit ended in Sedgwick County, when highway patrol officers put up spike strips at the I-235 exit on K-96, which brought Mercuri’s vehicle to a halt. Police later learned that Mercuri had also attempted to forge checks at Halstead Bank locations in Valley Center and Maize.

Mercuri is a former Florida resident who now claims to be homeless. Police are looking into how she had obtained the rental car. She will be charged with forgery, attempting to elude arrest, reckless driving, and “numerous other charges in Sedgwick County,” Halstead police chief Steve Lewis said.


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Citizens Helping Halstead PD Catch Criminals

Posted 10/31/2014

By Robb  Reeves

HALSTEAD – The most important person in Halstead when it comes to fighting crime isn’t the police chief or municipal judge – it’s you.

Halstead police have made arrests in three high profile crimes over the last few months and they say public tips and input were keys in every case.

“Often these people commit these crimes and then they end up bragging about it,” said police chief Steve Lewis last week. “You have to have a good relationship with the public.”

Halstead’s police officers are visible and can be seen around town and talking with the community. The police department has also worked with The Independent to get out the word about crimes to build public awareness.

“People come to us and tell us what’s going on and we work from there,” said Sergeant Josh Orem.

In early summer, Halstead experienced a rash of ugly burglaries and vandalism sprees that angered the town. Police made arrests quickly and all but one of the suspects were juveniles. Halstead Police received confessions and then turned the case over to the county attorney where formal charges were filed.

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