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Halstead, Sedgwick Players Combine For Baseball Championship

Posted 7/30/2015

By Pilar Martin

The rivalry between Sedgwick and Halstead goes back a long time, and still exists today. But a group of baseball players and their families have transcended that rivalry and made some lasting friendships, even calling each other family.

Kent Giffin started the Sedgwick Storm about five years ago. “I wanted to have a more competitive team, and had to look around at other towns to fill the roster,” said Giffin.

He said when he started recruiting Halstead players, some of the looks he received were priceless. He signed players from Halstead, Wichita and Andover to play together.

The friendships were evident when Halstead and Sedgwick high school teams met in regional play last spring. Only one of those teams could go on, and Sedgwick prevailed, going on to state. Rivals for a couple of hours, the summertime teammates visited and supported each other after the game.

This year’s roster includes Hunter Giffin and Connor Freund from Sedgwick, as well as Joseph Stovall, Layke Heimerman and Blake Beckett from Halstead. Other team members are from Andover and Wichita. The team plays in the U.S.S.S.A. under 18 league.

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SW 84th Complaints Dominate Commission Meeting

Posted 7/30/2015

By Tirzah Chesky

NEWTON – The discussion over the condition of SW 84th Street came to a head at this week’s county commission meeting held Monday.

A contingent of eight residents from the area came to air their grievances to the commissioners. Many of them had bags and buckets that contained material they had picked up from the road themselves. Terry Jacob took the floor to reiterate the situation to the commissioners and others sitting in the room. Measures such as grading and running a magnet over the area have been taken, but “there is a lot of hardware on that road yet,” Jacobs said.

Road and Bridge department head Gary Denny was quick to take responsibility for the metal on SW 84th. “It was my call,” he said. “My intent was never to have metal in the road.” The concrete that was used to fill the holes on 84th street was from a pile that the department had been sitting on for years, and no one could remember why it wasn’t being put to use. Filling holes in the road in such a fashion is common practice, but the material in this instance was subpar, he said.

When residents asked what could be done, Denny explained that they were doing what they could already. “It is a process that will take time,” he said. This did not sit well with those who have to drive the road daily.

Resident Jim Schwartz approached the commission with a bag full of rocks he had pulled from the road that morning, each at least the size of a paperback novel. These large chunks cover the road, he said, attributable to a lack of cover put on the road after the large rocks were used to fill in holes.

Denny vehemently denied the claim of no cover on the roads. According to Denny, no one had complained directly to Road and Bridge, and when they took their own magnet over the area, very little metal came up.

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County Fair Starts This Weekend

Posted 7/30/2015

By  Pilar Martin

The 127th annual Harvey County Fair runs this weekend, July 31 through Aug. 4.

There are plenty of activities for everyone and the weather promises to be cooler. Friday’s events kick off with the judging of 4H entries. There will be all kinds of animals to look at throughout the weekend – pigs, cows, rabbits, sheep and goats will be on display.

There are a lot of other attractions with exhibits in rocket building, electricity, geology, photography, and of course hundreds of food entry items. So be sure to go by the fair barns and check out all there is to see.

The carnival will open at 7 p.m. on Friday night and run through Tuesday. The Newton Saddle Club’s CPRA sanctioned rodeo starts on Friday night as well. And as always there will be lots of fair food to eat.

Cotton candy, funnel cakes, sno cones, and deep fried almost anything, will be available to tempt any palate.

Saturday brings a pedal pull and turtle races in the morning. There will also be an Ag Fest, where you can see how to milk a cow, learn about cotton, see farm animals, and learn all about farming. The fair parade will be in downtown Newton starting at 5:30 p.m. The rodeo continues Saturday night.

The Demolition Derby, a very popular event, is Sunday evening. Monday evening brings the Bull Blowout to the arena.


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