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Burrton Bristles With New Birdhouses

Posted 8/3/2017

By Pilar MartinKASHLYN and her dad Brandon Strawn paint flowers on her pink birdhouse.KASHLYN and her dad Brandon Strawn paint flowers on her pink birdhouse.

BURRTON – Birds in the Burrton area will find some pretty fancy homes in town to build their nests in soon.

The Cliff and Ruth Dole Senior Center provided a paint-your-own-birdhouse event for Burrton youth last week.

The birdhouses were made by Kaye Hind who has a wood-working shop downtown. She crafted the 6 ½-inch by 10-inch birdhouses for the kids to paint. Children registered in advance for the event.

When the youngsters arrived, each had a birdhouse, paintbrushes, paint shirts, stickers, stencils, decals, and a lot of different colors of acrylic paint to chose from.  Hind painted one of the birdhouses in advance to give the kids an idea of what they could do.

Maddox Martin, age 7, chose orange and red to start his birdhouse. Colton Robinson, age 10, went with orange and green. Little brother, Brendan Robinson, age five, was all about the purple. The lone girl, Kashlyn Strawn, age 7,  chose pink for her birdhouse.

Hind taught kids how to hold the foam brushes and apply paint. She had them start with the roof of the birdhouse first. Cleaning the brushes was important and making sure they were dry before adding another color of paint.

After the base color was applied, the children could add stickers, use stencils, even draw on shapes with pencil and paint them in. There were even a few wooden shapes that could be glued on then painted.

Brendan chose to cover his birdhouse with stickers, while Kashlyn had the help of her dad to paint on some free-hand flowers. The end results were vibrant and distinct, a home any bird would love.

Hind said she would varnish each of the houses so the designs and colors would stay.

Mattox’s mom, Faith Martin, said he couldn’t wait to hang his up and watch the birds make his birdhouse home.