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December 22, 2016Harvey County Independent December 22, 2016

Lots Of Kids Out Sick With Flu-Like Symptoms

Posted 2/2/2017

By Pilar Martin

HARVEY COUNTY—Coughing, sneezing, sore throats, congestion and fevers are running rampant in the area. People feel badly.

The Center for Disease Control has confirmed that the flu or influenza is widespread in Kansas. And it came fast. Just two weeks ago there were no confirmed reports. In some areas of the state, hospitals are running out of beds due to the flu.

The illness, along with strep throat and flu-like illnesses are affecting school attendance in the area too.  At Burrton High School, 11 students were out ill last Friday according to Principal Tyler Hoopes. That may not seem like a lot, but with only 16 students in the senior class, 11 absent is noticeable.

Skip Cowan with the Harvey County Health Department said flu-like illness has come to Sedgwick too.

“The flu is not a reportable disease, meaning doctors do not have to report it, but there are a few agencies who do keep track,” Cowan said. “It has really hit in the past 10 days.”

In Sedgwick, kids came back from Christmas vacation with illness and started spreading it around. On Monday, Jan. 30, 22 students were absent in the grade school and junior high building, while 12 were gone at the high school.

“Illness is high right now,” School Nurse Jana Blank said. “It's flu season and it's normal to have kids out from school.  I do feel as though the numbers are higher this season than last. Numbers are starting to decrease and plateau now but the last couple weeks have been very busy in the nurse’s office.” 

She said she has been seeing mostly respiratory illness with fevers and body aches, most likely Influenza A, but not everyone is tested. She has had some confirmed cases.  Blank also reported seeing some strep throat and some GI illness. None of these illnesses are out of the norm for this time of year, but the numbers are higher than last year with children and adults, Blank said.

Blank reminded parents that it's important to keep their children home if they are sick.  Influenza is spread very easily and can be very dangerous for some with weaker immune systems.

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Daniel Young Is Sedgwick's Best Speller

Posted 2/2/2017

By Pilar Martin

DANIEL Young was the Scripps Spelling Bee Champion, and Ahmya Glover was the runner-up.DANIEL Young was the Scripps Spelling Bee Champion, and Ahmya Glover was the runner-up.SEDGWICK—Fifth grader Daniel Young was a repeat champion for the Scripps Spelling Bee held last Wednesday, Jan. 25 in Sedgwick.

Young won after spelling “varsity” correctly in the thirteenth round, and followed that up by spelling “enchantment”. Ahmya Glover, also a fifth grader, was runner-up.

Young and Glover went three rounds, spelling and misspelling words, until Glover missed with “marionette” in the thirteenth round.

Young had to spell the next two words correctly for the win. Young and Glover are in the same fifth grade class.

Twenty-four students in grades three through eight competed in this year’s bee. Each grade puts two in the competition.

Principal Pat Breckeunitch said this year the competition was unusual. “This is the first time we have had three sets of siblings competing.” Those siblings were Hayden and Kylie Inlow, Corey and Nolan Crumrine, and Isabella Johnson and William Peters.

This year’s participants were:

Third grade: Hayden Inlow, Austin Stang, Ryker Ratloff and Morgan Olinger.

Fourth grade: Gage Harris, Liam Mabry, Corey Crumrine and Kenzie Schmeidler.

Fifth grade: Tanner Heckel, Abby Wyatt, Daniel Young and Ahmya Glover

Sixth grade: Kylie Inlow, Scott Recheck, Isabella Johnson and Maya Werner

Seventh grade: Krystina Kotek, Braden Zellmer, Sam Culp and Andrea Stimpson

Eighth grade: Nolan Crumrine, Remington Nold, Dillon McGinn and William Peters.

Each grade can also have alternate contestants who have to be ready to step in if one of the actual contestants can’t compete. Alternates were Noah Little, third grade, Addison Nold and Toby Young, fourth grade, Jadelynn Pohlman and Timothy Gaynor, sixth grade, Blake Hebert and Austin Beck, seventh grade, and Andrea Perkins and Josh Dawson for the eighth grade.

Young, Lauren Wilson from Halstead, and Dhriti Sriram from Hesston competed for the Harvey County Scripps Spelling Bee title on Wednesday, Feb. 1 at Sedgwick High School. Sriram was the winner.

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Bentley Land Bank Cancels Previous Listing Agreement

Posted 2/2/2017

By Jared Janzen

BENTLEY—The Land Bank canceled its listing agreement Monday night with the realtor that had been listing 37 of the Castle Estates lots. The agreement had been with Barney and Associates KW Signature Partners LLC.

This decision came less than two weeks after Land Bank officials met with agents from RE/MAX to begin plans for building several spec homes on lots that were not subject to the agreement with Barney and Associates.

City Attorney Brad Jantz said it remains to be seen whether RE/MAX will now list any of the 37 lots.

“They’re listing the four so far that were not subject to this agreement, and then you go through the cancellation process and then I guess we’ll see,” Jantz said. “Nothing’s been approved on any of those yet.”

Canceling the old listing agreement will give the spec home builder more prospects in the future.

“If you’re in a situation where you’ve got a builder, he’s going to want more than just those four lots,” Jantz said.

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