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Dave's Tacos Always A Hit In Bentley

Posted 3/30/2017

DAVID Luna fries up a batch of his much-loved tacos outside Bentley Eagle Senior Center last Saturday. DAVID Luna fries up a batch of his much-loved tacos outside Bentley Eagle Senior Center last Saturday. By Jared Janzen

BENTLEY—Residents of Bentley flocked to the senior center last Saturday to feast on Dave’s tacos. The locally renowned tacos are the specialty of Bentley resident David Luna, who regularly cooks them at the senior center.

The last time Luna made tacos for the center he prepared 70, and they were sold out in just 30 minutes. This time Luna prepared 96 tacos, and all were sold by the end of the night.

Luna said he has fun making tacos.

“It keeps me busy,” he said.

Preparing the tacos was an all-day project for Luna, who sported an apron and a hat that says “Dave’s Tacos—I’m Dave,” The hat was embroidered for him by Bentley resident Linda Becker and also has a picture of a taco on it.

In the morning, Luna scooped meat into tortillas and secured them shut with toothpicks so they wouldn’t spill while in the fryer. He said he used about 12 or 13 pounds of meat. He had several of the ladies at the senior center help toothpick them.

Luna uses his own recipe that includes potatoes, peas, garlic and onions in addition to the traditional meat, cheese and lettuce. He also brought homemade salsa and beans to serve alongside the tacos.

Luna fried the tacos right outside the senior center so they were hot and fresh to eat. Servers pulled out the toothpicks to add the cheese and lettuce. 

Luna said he’s been serving tacos at the senior center for as long as it’s been around. He used to do it every other month, but now he’s slowed down to just twice a year. In the past he also made tacos for Sedgwick’s senior center and American Legion.

Keep posted with the senior center for the next time Dave’s tacos will be served later this year.