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March 1, 2018
Harvey County IndependentMarch 1, 2018 Harvey County Independent

Gene Wendling Gave Much To Halstead

Posted 2/28/2018

By Pilar MartinGENE Wendling drives his restored tractor in the Old Settlers parade.GENE Wendling drives his restored tractor in the Old Settlers parade.

HALSTEAD – Last week, one of Halstead’s most beloved and respected citizens was laid to rest.

Eugene Wendling, known simply as “Gene” was a lifelong resident of Harvey County. If you had a question about local history, Gene was the man you talked to. He could be seen almost daily in Halstead, either going for coffee or lunch.

Gene was part of the Wendling legacy that began when brothers John and Theodore homesteaded in 1873, just south and west of Halstead.

Gene started his education in the 1920’s at The Enterprise School District Number 14, called Hardpan school by locals. He later attended and graduated from Halstead High School in 1937. Gene served in the army during WWII in the Pacific Theater.

Gene spent most of his time as a farmer and cattle feeder. Gene’s son, David, began a partnership on the farm in 1972. David bought his dad out in 1996, but shared the livestock operation until 2012. Gene even helped out at harvest, driving a tractor during wheat harvest until 2016.  David restored Gene’s old red  Massey-Harris tractor, which Gene drove in the Old Settlers parades.

David said Gene was active in the farm operation, out checking his crops at least once a week until his recent illness. David said most days, Gene would come out to the farm, checking out the operation and stopping to visit.

While farming was Gene’s occupation, he was very involved in his church and community. Gene was a member of the American Legion Post 231, Halstead Hospital Lay Advisory Board, Farmer’s Co-op Board of Directors, Lions Club, Knights of Columbus, Elks Lodge of Newton, Harvey County Livestock Association, Harvey County Farm Bureau, Hertzler Research Foundation, Halstead Hospital Board of Trustees, and Halstead Historical Society.

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Sedgwick Residents Concerned About Possible Development

Posted 2/28/2018

By Pilar MartinSEDGWICK plat maps show the lots already plotted in the area of Washington and Eighth Streets in Sedgwick.SEDGWICK plat maps show the lots already plotted in the area of Washington and Eighth Streets in Sedgwick.

SEDGWICK – At last week’s Sedgwick City Council meeting, Frank Preston appeared before council, concerned about possible development in his north side neighborhood.

“About 10 days ago, neighbors contacted me wanting to know if I knew what was going on in the neighborhood behind Shelley Hales’ home that she recently sold. I wasn’t aware of any activity there. Don’t know where the project is at, if it’s gone to planning and zoning,” Preston told the council.

He spoke of his concern, and said he was representing others in the neighborhood.

“I speak for myself and several of the neighbors. I do not have a vendetta against anybody. I have gone through your ordinances and your procedures and taken out what I  feel would be appropriate to apply if I were sitting on the planning and zoning.

“You can cut down any tree you want or clear your property, but once you start building a structure, pouring concrete, that point in time the right thing to do is get a building permit. Right before the signature line on the building permit it says I hereby affirm the above standards are true and correct and agree to comply with all ordinances and laws pertaining to governing of the construction,” Preston added.

Sedgwick has only two residential zoning distinctions, R1, for single-family homes, and R2 for multi-family dwellings such as duplexes or apartments.

James and Beth Sharbutt purchased the property at 108 E. 8th from Shelly Hales, according to city officials. That property includes lots 109, 11, 113, 115, 117, 119 and 121. This is next door to Preston’s property. Last November, on a recommendation from the Planning and Zoning Committee, council approved a change to the R-1 zoning, section 4, Number 1, that changed square footage of a lot for building from 7,000 square feet to 6,000 square feet. This change came about after James Sharbutt went to the zoning board and made a request.

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Parks Foundation Renamed To Bentley CIA

Posted 2/28/2018

By Jared Janzen

BENTLEY—Bentley’s recently formed non-profit organization aiming to improve quality of life in the community emerged from its monthly meeting last week with a new name.

The group had been loosely referring to itself as the Bentley Parks Foundation during its first few meetings, but Shannon Koehn, who has been spearheading the group’s formation, reported that she had been told by the Central Kansas Community Foundation—which it is in the process of becoming an affiliate of—that it couldn’t use the word foundation in its name.

“The Central Kansas Community Foundation is the foundation; they’re the overlying umbrella that will take in all the funding,” she said.

The ensuing brainstorming session led Tracy Pribbenow to suggest naming the group the Bentley Community Improvement Association, or Bentley CIA for short.

“It leaves a lot open for us to be able to do a lot of different things,” Pribbenow said about the new name.

This isn’t the first time an organization in Bentley has named itself with the same acronym of a U.S. intelligence agency. A number of years ago the city had an FBI, or Future of Bentley Incorporated.

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