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City Ready To Inspect Repairs To Building On Main Street

Posted 5/17/2018

By Robb Reeves

HALSTEAD – Monday night, Halstead city council hung firm to a May deadline for repairs to be made at 204 Main, a building the city has flagged as having dangerous structural issues.

Last fall, the city cited the building as being unsafe, noting the facade was pulled away from the main structure 12-15 inches. City officials have blocked off the sidewalk on Main and placed a barricade around the building’s front.

The owner of the building, Denise Chesky, late last year presented the council with a plan to repair the building, working off a report the city paid an engineer to write.

The city set a deadline to have the repairs made by May 14 and Chesky appeared before council to give the governing body an update on what has been done. She said structural repairs have been made and she has asked for the city engineer to inspect the work. “We are ready for him to come out and check it,” she said.

Council agreed to that but not after expressing concern the repair was not completed by May 14 after several months were given to finish the work.

“We issued a completion date and time to get it done,” said council member Sam Farmer. He also said he hadn’t seen much activity at 204 Main but had noticed work being done Monday, the day of the hearing.

“I don’t have the confidence you will get done what you say you will get done,” he said, noting liability issues associated with the building.

Chesky said the building has had structural issues for years but it was overlooked by the city when other people owned the building. “I am a little irritated, quite frankly,” she said.

“I am ready for you to get the engineer out there,” Chesky said, as the hearing on her building wrapped up.

Council member George Torres said he would like to attend the inspection. Council agreed to not extend the time to complete repairs of the building but await the building engineer’s report.

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